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Climbing League Comps

March League- 3 hours of "Riverstone Heck"

Score as many points as you can in 3 hours. 3 teammates combined bouldering and ropes

Teams picked randomly.

Compete any 3 hour block from March 19th- 31st

$10/person prizes!

March Teams

Team #1- Tyler Hill, Beth Workman, Fred Devries

Team #2- Rusty Devries, Daniela Barrios, Jackie Rhoades

Team #3- Seth Tift, Tai Mason, Leon Izatt

Team #4- Raymond Devries, Colin Vogel, Merri Metcalfe

Team #5- Addison Lee, Tad Lloyd, Julia Berstein

Team #6- Isaac Dumlao, Josh Ellsworth, Nick Fontaine

Team #7- Jason Otremba, Marcus Nevitt, Logan Jenkins

Team #8- Jenna Gomez, Will Johnson, Daniel Sargent

Team #9- Griffen Berger, Charles Parent, Matt Christian

Team #10- TBD 

 February Comp Individual High Scores 

1st- Addison Lee , 2nd- Seth Tift , 3rd- Isaac Dumlao

February Comp Team Winners

!st place- Team 7 

Addison Lee 7,970

Will Johnson 4,270

Michael Lee 2,230

Total= 14,470

2nd Place- Team 9

Isaac Dumlao- 6,600

Leslie Parks- 3,480

Nathan Cota- 2,230

Total= 13,470

3rd Place- Team 6

Jason Otremba 4,950

Blake Wold 4,200

Tabby Wold 3880

Total= 13,030

Yoga Sunday

March 10th 10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Yoga with Abriella 

Free for members (donations appreciated)

$10 walk in

$10 climbing day pass offer for yoga participants