Little Crushers ages 7-13

Monday- Thursday 9 am-12 pm

June 25th- June 28th indoor 

(June 30th outdoor)

July 16th- July 19th

(July 21st outdoor)

July 30th- August 2nd indoor

(August 4th outdoor)

Enjoy 4 days of indoor climbing and instruction, games, technique, fitness and more! Emphasis is on problem solving skills, building confidence and having fun! An optional 5th day includes a full day outside rock climbing or canopy tree climbing

4 days indoor $200

Optional outdoor day at Mt. Erie $130

Optional outdoor canopy tree climbing $139

(see canopy climbing drop down for more information, call for available dates and times)

Members receive 15% off

RCG Ventures ages 14-21

Monday- Wednesday 9am- 12 pm

July 9th- 13th

August 13th-17th

3 days of indoor climbing and instruction prepares the adventurer for an optional 2 day climbing campout. Campers will learn valuable skills including rope 

handling, belay, lead climbing, lead belay, anchor building, rappelling and more!

3 days indoor $150

overnight camp and 2 days outdoor climbing $200

members receive 15% off 

*Call or stop by to reserve a spot*